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matty_10.16.10 249 I was in attendance for the Emergency Food Network's 'Amazing Abundance Auction' the other weekend, and for a couple reasons. Most importantly, I was there to capture the event. Secondly, I was there to enjoy the product which accounted for about an entire week of my evenings. That was the video I captured/edited for EFN for displaying at this event and future presentations. You can view that video by clicking here. I'd estimate about 500-600 guests in total for the event. Over the last year, I've pretty much established myself as EFN's photographer, which I've greatly enjoyed. This last larger project, which tasked me to visit all of the locations and aspects of EFN operations, I captured photo and video. A very humbling experience. At one point, I was capturing material at a hot meal site where those less fortunate came for a lunch. A middle-aged couple stopped and asked for a photo of the two of them. As I raised a $6,000 dollar camera setup to take their photo, it really hit me how lucky I was, and I almost felt embarrassed in a way. Here they were just trying to get a meal, and I had thousands of dollars of equipment hanging off my shoulders. I turned, took their photo, and they just went on about there business, didn't ask how to get the photo, they just wanted to be documented as part of the experience. This photo has touched me most through the project, I feel it's the best out of the months of photos and video that I captured. It's the pic below here.