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upfrontPress1 Spotted this the other day, I landed the cover of Cascadia Weekly again. I want to say it was a little over a year the last time my work was on the cover. Cascadia Weekly magazine that runs up in the Bellingham area. The Upfront Theatre is one of my commercial clients. They are keeping the people laughing, I keep capturing, and there you have it. The Upfront is fairly young, only been around for a handful of years, but they are without a doubt growing and growing in popularity. Like a snowball on a very gradual hill, you can see the growth in attendance from month-to-month. It's so deserving too, they have some fantastic comedic talent there, and I'm just not saying that 'cause I take their photos. I've come walking out of their shows with my face hurting from a straight hour of laughing, and on more than one occasion. I don't see that play slowing down any time soon. They have a great thing going, and that is clear, as you can see with them on the cover of Cascadia, again. I've made sure to photograph the cast on white seamless during the last couple shoots, as it's bulletproof, versatile marketing imagery. Ironically, it's about the easiest setup to do once you get the process of balancing the lighting under your belt. I've seen this particular style of my work with them on just about everything - flyers, drink menus, and... magazines. It just works.

matty_3.6.11_ 021 Tomasi, owner and designer of Tiare Floral Design, and I got together the other day to shoot some of his work for publication in a magazine (can't drop the name until it's published). Tomasi was contacted by the magazine and asked if he could design a couple floral arrangements which are made out of common flowers the average family can find at their local stores. Tomasi contact me to shoot the two pieces he created. The topic will run as a little feature article in the magazine. Tomasi's talent in floral design never ceases to amaze me. It's work that delights multiple senses, both sight and scent. The two creations he brought to the studio were simply fun, as he integrated lime and kiwi into the pieces. It was a fairly quick shoot. In less than an hour we shot both pieces from all proximities and angles, and called it good. Enjoy the photos, and look for Tomasi's article in a late Spring or early Summer issue!