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The Headshot Experience Has Changed Forever.

Ah, the dreaded headshot. The one photo occasion no one truly looks forward to, the photo that never makes it your fav shots list, and feels more like a trip to the dentist. That is until now. Matty Headshot Parties are designed specifically with you and your wants in mind. “I wish I had a drink to relax.” Done. “I wish I could hang out in a fun environment.” Done. “I wish someone could help me with posing to appear genuine and relaxed.” You guessed it – done. Can you believe you’ll walk away with not only one, but three striking and different photos? And all taken in less than 5 minutes! Yes, a stunning set of versatile images to use for your various professional and personal endeavors, while relaxing in a social environment with like-minded professionals.

A Professional Party.

Use the photos to level-up your professional image as well as your personal online profiles. We’ve crafted a quick and painless way to make three different shots of you in just a couple minutes. Matt and his crew are experts at photography – the setups, lighting, and most importantly, posing – helping coach you for the perfect look. These events has been designed to ensure you get awesome photos and you have a great time while you are here. You don’t have to worry about a thing. The only decision you are going to have to make is if you want the Pale Ale or the IPA to drink.


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Events are limited. Reserve your spot now.

Are You Ready?

ONLY $149!

Whatcha Get.

3 Different Shots

We have 3 different setups ready to go - simply hop between the three spots and you're done!

Complimentary Drink

Take the edge off, have an adult beverage and some fun!

Pro Social

Built-in networking with like-minded professionals. Who knows the connections you'll make.

Image Sample Set

Each Event is slightly different.

3 shots. 5 minutes. Done.

“Adding a professional photo to your profile makes you 14 times more likely to be found on Linkedin.”


Level-up. Get Noticed.

The Cloud is king, your online profile image is most likely the very first impression you make with any connection – professional or personal. You can make this first impression a “swing-and-a-miss” by using that super awkward car selfie, or a home run with a perfectly lit Matty headshot. With social media platforms dominating our attention, it is where the eyes are, and you want to look good for all of those eyes. People now understand the power of their “personal brand,” whether that is on an individual level or for their business connections. Social media traffic and the resulting use stats are astonishing. What an impact having a professional headshot in each of those profile pic boxes makes.


Designed for business teams and organizations

We offer the option for groups of people and businesses to schedule private headshot parties for the days and times that works best for them. This is a great opportunity to create a team building experience while getting a suite of photos of the entire staff that look exactly the same! Imagine the website getting refreshed with impressive uniformity, which can flow all the way to new business cards with all of the staffs faces. With private parties, we also provide the option to customize the set of 3 looks to best fit your branding style, and can even work with you ahead of time and provide recommendations based off of expected branding plans and photo usage. We also provide the option to bring the party to you – as long as the venue can accommodate our setups! Contact us for questions on group size, pricing, and scheduling.


Matt tells the story of how and why the party came to be