Your Shoot. Your Story.

Say goodbye to the awkward poses, the cheesy backgrounds, and cliche photos. Say hello to completely customized shoots that are built entirely around you. Yes, you are more than a sit-and-smile photo. Visually engaging and storytelling, we work tirelessly to capture the dynamics of you in a way never seen before.

Compelling Portraits.

You deserve magazine quality, amazingly lit, fantastically themed shoots. Our senior, family, wedding, maternity, and other personal portraiture carry the same Matty flair as our commercial work. Just because it’s personal doesn’t make it any less important in our eyes. We go all out for every client, every shoot.

Dynamic Studio.

A 3,000 sq. ft. studio awaits our clients, where visual eye candy is produced daily, located in the Tacoma area. It’s a breathtaking space, fostering equally impactful imagery. Simply put, this is where you want to come if you want refreshing, next-level studio work. We dream it, we make it.


Yes, all of our work is real – no fake backgrounds, but lots of work and lighting skills to make real photos. We love, love, love location work. An endless amount of dynamic and fluid environments await. We scout and gain access to perfect locations to complete the perfect concept – your custom concept!

How We Create. How We Care.

Every Client. Every Shoot. We start from scratch. Every experience for you, and us, is custom and brand new. We don’t shoot the same way twice. We understand there is no one like you, so your shoot will reflect that. We dedicate our every day to making each frame we shoot unique,  just like you. Matty Photography has always had sights set on the genuine, dramatic, and visual. Sixteen years of commercial, goal-driven, demanding work experience sit behind the lens, experience we leverage to power your personal artwork. We have and will continue to be here, for you, because we are as excited as you are for the shoot just around the corner. Every staff member is an expert at what they do, here to make you feel and look phenomenal. We are here to give you the best, because you are.

Team Matty

Masters of Light + Storytelling = Awesomeness.

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Matt McDaniel

Lead Photographer / Cinematographer

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Alice McDaniel


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What We Shoot.


This is it, your senior year, the culmination of the first 18 years of your life. You deserve a shoot that tells that journey. Think of it like your very own featured magazine shoot. We integrate are your interests, sports, anything that screams “you.” Let’s have fun and rock this!

Maternity & Newborn

Maternity shoots are SO much more than photos of a belly. Beauty and elegance combine with gorgeous concepts and super clean looks. Newborn shoots are planned to pair perfectly, producing complimenting artwork. Original and instant classics, like you.

Engagement & Wedding

Photography that is as dramatic and romantic as your love for each other. Engagement shoots are pure fun, creating custom concepts to tell your story. Enjoy the same level of execution on your big day with a multi-shooter team to catch every moment.


Grab the sexy dial and spin it to 10. It’s time to unleash your sexy side in a series of stunning, creative, and fun looks. Locations, the studio, or both are utilized to create an array of engaging photos. Do it for him, for her, or yourself! You won’t believe how much fun you’ll have.


Families do a whole heck of a lot more than sit and smile together. Why should your photo shoot be any different? It’s time to plan a shoot that embodies the interests, dynamics, and fun your family has. We make memories while making memories.


We work hard to ensure your event is captured in a fun, creative way, and as accurately as possible. A multi-shooter team ensures ample coverage, yet time to get creative with the shots. You can relax about the photography, we got this.

Based In Tacoma.

Traveling Everywhere.

We’ve traveled to many states and other countries.