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A Shoot As Unique As Your Family.

Get ready for a family photo shoot like you’ve never seen before. Sure, we can do the sit-and-smile thing, but we are looking forward to those families who want to embrace the family dynamics and integrate it into the shoot. After all, a family that plays together stays together. It turns a family shoot from a dreaded day into an unforgettable experience where all members have a blast. We’ve captured families shared love of movies, sports, the outdoors, and even super heroes! Yeah, you can say we are “documenting a moment in time,” but we make it something so much more. Are you ready?

Creating A Genuine Shoot.

We work extremely hard to ensure that not only our photos look stunning, but that they perfectly capture the true character of each family member. We carefully plan a customized shoot around a deep understanding of your family, your shared interests, and history. This is where we start, no boundaries, we can shoot any time and anywhere – we live to make each shoot more ambitious than the next! Concepts are built once we have a good feel for the family, and we create photos you really connect with and love for the rest of your life. Typically the shoots in of themselves are an adventure to remember.

Boundless Shooting

Real Locations.

Yes, all of our work is real. Real locations and real lighting. No photoshop magic tricks here, just great photos and stories. We identify the very best spots to capture jaw-dropping photography that best fits the concepts we build just for you. We’ve created work in just about every environment you can think of, and we love it when our clients are ready to dream big with us and get adventurous.

Rock The Studio.

Take all of your pre-conceived notions of a studio and throw them out the window. You’ve never been in a studio like this! We have a fun, gigantic space which allows creativity to run wild. We crank your favorite tunes on our booming sound system and light up the studio with flashes. We avoid all of the cheesy backdrops, focusing on creating clean, classic, and unique styles. Regardless of the shoot type, we usually capture a couple looks in the studio to add another dimension to the body of work.

More Options.

More Everything.

No, you don’t have to decide between ideas. In fact, we can’t remember when we’ve conducted a shoot where we didn’t run through at least a couple looks. We’re ready to show off the spectrum of talents and styles that make your family exactly who you are and what makes you so awesomely unique – and we know that can’t be summed up with one shot on one of those really, really cheesy blue backgrounds, all doing the slightly (and ever so awkward) head tilt. The point is… whether it’s one, three, or six looks, we want to make that happen, and have a blast doing it!

Are You Ready?

Family Portfolio

Masters of Light + Storytelling = Awesomeness.

Schedule a free consult today, see the Matty difference!