One Incredible Family: Series I

One Incredible Family: Series I


Yes, that’s right, this’ll be a two-parter. Too many great photos to share in one post, plus the fact that this shoot did indeed take place over two separate shooting days/concepts. When you locate a family who completely fits the bill for the entire cast of the ‘Incredibles’ and are willing to do this kind of shoot, well, you have to take that opportunity and run with it. I wanted to do a more traditional look for the supers, posing in uniform and out in the streets. Additionally, I wanted to do a lifestyle inspired shoot with the family at home where their powers can be utilized casually. We shot both, but dealing with young kids and babies, we broke the shoot up ensure our little Jack-Jack was in prime condition. So for this post, we’ll be looking at the posing series taken in and around the studio.

Here we have the entire cast of the Mauss family. Talk about a cool mom, Kristine, completely down for the ideas. Of course, the kids were lovin’ the whole thing, and dad, Mike, a great guy for entertaining us and playing along. It takes guts for a grown man to a.) hop into a super hero outfit outside the context of Halloween Day, and b.) pose for a barrage of flashes as I captured the event. A super dad indeed.







While scouting for this cityscape location, I was looking for a place where the family could be standing in the street with buildings surrounding the troupe. A bit harder than you’d think. When I found an awesome spot, the logistics of placing the family and lighting was going to work with all the traffic. The answer lay right in front of my face. My studio rests in a very cool area of town, and on a fairly calm street. In my efforts of finding something different, I didn’t initially consider it. That and the fact I see a handful of photographers clicking away right in front of my studio every day, I consciously try not to shoot on the very street I run my biz on. Ironic, eh? For this shoot it worked all too well, while making the shoot much smoother, all the lighting just wheeled right out my studio and onto the street.

How awesome are these shots?! Don’t mind the shameless/unintentional self-promotion with my sign in the background of the main group shot. We shot the supers both right outside the studio and then moved inside to do the same series of shots with a different lighting setup.

Every member of the family did an exceptional job posing and taking on their hero character, but… Levi undeniably stole the show. While outside photographing the individual shots, I heard laughing from the other family members standing behind me. I look back to see Levi clutching the light pole and hanging on with ease and no assistance. I stopped what I was doing, flipped my lights around, and clicked a couple shots which turned out to be some of the best. Of course, Mike was just out of frame for these, ready to step in if Levi had any issues. Not only did Levi have zero issues, he cried when we took him off the pole! Talk about lucky, capturing a baby displaying super powers all on their own! It was perfect. While in the studio and shooting Levi’s individuals, he made this face that is absolutely hilarious. It’s this perfect mix of happy, mischievous, and evil all at the same time. Again, another perfect portrayal of Jack-Jack. By the end of this shoot I was contemplating if the Mauss family truly were supers.







We had a blast making these fun photos, the kids could have gone all day long. Keep your eyes on the blog for the second series from this shoot, where we ventured into the Mauss home and found cute ways to showcase the super powers. Below are some BTS shots to enjoy.





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