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A Story of Your Passions.

Often times we don’t need a special occasion or milestone in life to gain the desire for a professional photo shoot. When people find that thing in life that makes them feel whole, it becomes our love and obsession – we call it our passion in life. Passion shoots are among our very favorite to create. There is such a foundation for our creativity to springboard off of that it seems like… we could happily conceptualize the shoot with an endless amount of looks. Our passion of photography finds profound inspiration when capturing another passion – whether that passion comes in the form of athletics, art, or academics. Truly boundless shoots that we can’t wait to create with you!

Creating A Genuine Shoot.

Passion shoots are amazing fun. We carefully plan a customized shoot around your passions, and that can be anything, and we can shoot anywhere! This is where we start, no boundaries. Concepts are built that create photos you connect with and will love for the rest of your life. No idea is too big or too simple.

Boundless Shooting

Real Locations.

Yes, all of our work is real. Real locations and real lighting. No photoshop magic tricks here, just great photos and stories. We identify the very best spots to capture jaw-dropping photography that best fits the concepts we build just for you. We’ve created work in just about every environment you can think of, and we love it when our clients are ready to dream big with us and get adventurous.

Rock The Studio.

Take all of your pre-conceived notions of a studio and throw them out the window. You’ve never been in a studio like this! We have a fun, gigantic space which allows creativity to run wild. We crank your favorite tunes on our booming sound system and light up the studio with flashes. We avoid all of the cheesy backdrops, focusing on creating clean, classic, and unique styles. Regardless of the shoot type, we usually capture a couple looks in the studio to add another dimension to the body of work.


Passion shoots typically produce SO many great photographs, spanning up to a dozen looks. We’re ready to show off the spectrum of talents and styles that make you exactly who you are and what makes you so awesomely unique!

Are You Ready?

Passions Portfolio

Masters of Light + Storytelling = Awesomeness.

Schedule a free consult today, see the Matty difference!