Brian & Debi and Three Goofy Girls

Brian & Debi and Three Goofy Girls


Um, can you say “back log?!” Yeah, we’ve been swamped around here, but the really, really good kind of swamped. Lots of changes happening to handle the biz growth, including bringing on a new, awesome shooter, Scott (more to come very shortly on that). So, the good news is that we should be getting caught up on what is… oh geez… about a year of shoots to blog about. I’m trying, guys! I’ve been telling people I’m looking forward to the holiday break, not because it spells time off, but it will hopefully allow me to catch up on a handful of projects. So, let’s get started, and with a great set of photos featuring a very goofy family.

Life is one crazy journey, for all of us. Through the ups and downs, we wake up every day and strive for happiness. Though it took Brian and Debi longer than I’m sure they’d preferred to find each other on their journeys in life, you can definitely tell it was worth the wait. They are a great match, and both very genuine, down-to-earth people. Standing in their interacting presence for a couple minutes will reveal they are like legos – they click, and are meant to be together. I was also just informed that they are now engaged to be married as of Christmas Eve! Way to go guys!

Their union also brought together three beautiful daughters – Mia and Sydney from Brian’s side, and the lens-loving Katie from Debi’s. If you didn’t know any better, you’d think the three had grown up together their whole lives. They thoroughly enjoyed being silly together and for the camera. Let’s just say that they were more than accommodating for stepping in to be my light testers, complete with crossed-eyes, brow lines wrinkled, and tongues out. If anything I had to reel them back in for a more serious shot. They made the evening of shooting a joy.



This vertical of the three girls is breathtaking in a large format, love it. Another reason why print will always reign king when it comes to optimal presentation.


Although we captured dozens of great photos, I love this candid shot of the girls goofing around and getting the parents to laugh as well. I also chuckle at this photo when I look at Brian’s face. Poor guy, surrounded by 4 women and their antics.



After the post-apocalyptic landscapes, we moved down to the beach for a whole different feel, not to mention things got a little more silly.


This shot of Brian and Debi alone on the beach hill is one of my favs. Each of their expressions, the composition, and the subtle light flare… it’s great shot (and one the couple wisely selected for a large print for their home).



And then you have the three girls…



Lastly, we dipped our feet into the water and cooled off from the high-80’s July heat. The sky came to life with some deep color as the sun said goodbye for the day. When it came to shooting individuals of the girls, Katie informed me that she is a self-proclaimed ham when it comes to getting her photo taken. I like hams. They’ve got the patience that mixes equally well with my patience for making great photos!




Why not, let’s get one more silly shot of the girls in there.


My job is always rewarding, getting to capture families and making fun memories with them. It’s next level with you have a family who is in-tune with each other and know how to have a good time. Even more fantastic, Brian and Debi ordered some large formats of the girls being silly. Proof of their awesomeness.

I also had the privilege of stopping by Brian and Debi’s home to visit and see their awesome metal prints hanging in their home. That is always a treat. Thank you guys for selecting us to make these photos for you. All the best to your family and the upcoming wedding!