Heather – Bike Shoot

Heather – Bike Shoot

 Last Saturday, I had the opportunity to shoot Heather. Now… as warm and fuzzy and comfortable as this girl may look, I assure you, it was pretty darn cold, high 40’s at best. This was shot in an open ended parking garage, so it was outdoor temps. You won’t find many bike riders out in the middle of December, let alone a girl posing for a couple hours in minimal clothing! Heather was quite the trooper and very enthusiastic throughout the shoot, despite the goosebumps that neglected to leave her body for the duration of the shoot.

The parking garage we shot in has a ton of character. At one point, graffiti covered every inch of the old building, that is, until the city found it an eye sore and covered it all up with a light gray paint. Random drops and splashes of paint scattered along the wood floor was the only thing left of the art that has been erased. I really wish it was still around for the shoot. Still, this old garage is a great place to shoot!

Her first time on a bike, Heather was able to look right at home draping herself on a sport bike, which, if you’ve sat on one, you’d know thats not an easy feat. For most of these shots I used just a single light setup with a softbox, using a light source much higher than normal for more dramatic light and shadows.

After shooting on the bike for a bit, we moved over to the other side of the garage and shot against some walls and a chicken wire backdrop with the sun set in the background. And I’m sure Heather didn’t mind moving to a warm sweater for the end of the shoot!

This was a great shoot. I love shooting on location, as it gives you completely new and different photos every time. I also love to be spontaneous and creative with the surrounding environment.