Nurse Camp Video

Nurse Camp Video


A couple weeks ago I posted a blog about nurse camp, an event I covered at Tacoma General Hospital, along with a few pictures. As I mentioned in that post (click here to view it), I shot video as well. I mainly shot the video as a little afterthought, thinking it would be nice if the hospital staff would want some rough, stock video of the event. Well, one thing led to another and I ended up editing a video piece unexpectedly after I got the idea in my head. Working close with the nursing staff, I cut together a video in hopes that it will help promote the nurse camp and generate further interest for the hospital.

[jwplayer mediaid=”5121″ width=700 height=418]

Using my Canon 5D mkII, I filmed some quick, handheld video in 1080HD, mixed it together with the pictures, laid down some music, and added some commentary. Enjoy!

The version you see here is just a small copy for easy web viewing. If you’d like to see it in HiDef, click here to download an HD copy (you’ll need quicktime to view).