Village Inn Hotel Shoot

Village Inn Hotel Shoot


The Fairhaven Village Inn, located in Bellingham, WA, was in need of some new promotional material, and I was happy to help. Another early morning, 3:30 am I believe. I was shooting in tandem with video producers from P-51 Pictures, as they were shooting a commercial for the Inn as well. Our first scene called for an early morning breakfast look, and the only way to accomplish a real early morning sunrise look on video in the summer means a really really early morning for us!

We started with the breakfast nook of the Inn, where guests can dine on a variety of great foods, all prepared by the friendly staff. The captured “guests” below are obviously extras, as no one in their right mind would be this happy and smiley and chowin’ down at 4 am.

The main lobby and the study hanging off the lobby were my next targets, setting up our “guests” to check-out at the front counter. The Inn has a lot of character, with lots of rich wood and old stylings detailed throughout the building.

We ended the morning shoot out on the second-story balcony where guests of the Inn can enjoy a great view of Fairhaven on one side and Bellingham Bay on the other.

The hotel staff and all of the extras involved in the shoot were extremely friendly, making an early morning a pleasure.