Antiques & Wine

Antiques & Wine


“Antique Quest & Wine Fest” was the event put on by the Tacoma Community House last Saturday at the Museum of Glass. Hana, a great gal who works for the organization, asked if I would come capture the event. Free booze and really old stuff?! Count me in!

It was creatively organized, each guest receiving a “passport” and a wine glass, in which they used to travel to the different wine counters that were scattered in all corners of the building, each area representing a different continent with wine from that region. You visited a continent, tasted some wine, got that region stamped in your passport. Salads and desserts were stylishly served via martini glass, all catered by Gallucci’s. You also could find wine baskets up for auction at each continent. Live music was played in the center of it all, courtesy of two different bands splitting the event’s time.

My main focus were the guests having a good time and the overall feel of the event, however, it was my first visit to the museum, and couldn’t help but take a few pictures of the building itself along the way. A perfect blend of art and symmetry that is definitely eye-catching.

Antique appraising was another stop on tour around the museum, where appraisers would tell you what your antiques were worth. Some very interesting shots there, just the expressions on faces alone were great.

By the end of the night even I had toured the world and tasted all the wines to be had. It was a fun night, met some very nice people, and I’m already looking forward to next year’s event!

For a thanks, I received a couple bottles of wine from the organization. To show my gratitude, I used the gifted bottles and glass to shoot a few studio shots, hopefully they can use them to promote next year’s event!

If you attended the event and would like to see the pictures, CLICK HERE TO VIEW THE GALLERY. If you would like to obtain copies of any of the photographs, please contact me directly.