How ‘Bout Them Apples

How ‘Bout Them Apples


Squeaked in a sunny morning shoot with Myrriah and Rhiannon the other day, ya know… before the weather here in the PNW will make something like this impossible for a good six months. It was a Saturday morning, the sun was out, and the light was behaving fairly well in my friend’s backyard. We had mom and daughter come over and pose with the apple trees.

Though I shoot most of my stuff with flash, I really liked the light filtering in, so I shot this with straight ambient light. Especially with the feel that I was going for with this set, using just sunlight would give this a much more natural feel. A gold reflector held just off camera left provided a warm glow and filled in the dark shadows.

Rhiannon, pictured above, was quite the character, but behaved extremely well for a youngin’ on a shoot. I sense a model career in her future.

We had the two pick some apples and toss them in basket, the prop completed the scene perfectly, and a teddy and book came along for a ride in the basket too. These photos have a certain storybook look to them that I really enjoy.

Thanks Myrriah and Rhiannon! Thanks also to my good friend, Andy, who showed off his ninja-like reflector skills, bouncing light onto the subjects for me.