June in October?

June in October?


Yes, that’s right, June in October. At least when you have an entire calendar year to shoot in three weeks and you are in the end of October, you don’t have much of a choice. Large, challenging, and fun hurdles are riddled throughout this project, and I’m embracing them. It’ll be an awesome experience, as this is my first calendar shoot. Fortunately, Josh, the owner of the coffee business, is a great guy and super easy to work with. If I need something the guy is on it, it’s taken care of. Everyone working on the project is accommodating the needed flexibility for the requirements, which is much appreciated.

Oh, and if you are completely lost with what I’m talking about, read this post first.

The picture above is a crop from one of the captures taken yesterday afternoon. Of course I can’t show you the full thing, that’d be cheating! You all have to wait for the calendar release in December. Gonna be some good stuff in there, and I’ll provide details on how to get your hands on one at a later date.

With the completion of June’s shoot we now have all of the outdoor warm month outdoor sets out of the way. Got a couple more outdoor shoots, but those are supposed to be in the colder weather so we are all good now. No more portraying 80 degree weather when in reality it’s 40 out! Lanea, the beauty in the pic above, did a great job. Barefoot on cold rocks, laying down at times, and in nothing but a bikini. I don’t think I could have held back the shivers and well as she did.