Tiffani’s Senior Pics

Tiffani’s Senior Pics


You may recognize Tiffani from another shoot not too long ago. She accompanied Spencer for his senior pictures, and was in a couple of the shots. She loved Spencer’s turned out and asked me to capture her as well. She made the drive up from Olympia, and we shot her around the Museum of History in Tacoma. I really love this place. There tons of cool walls, all kinds of different shaped and style staircases, ramps, handrails, all coming together to make a large number of shooting locations in a very small area.

We started on with this concrete wall, ivy growing all over it. Love the color and contrasts between the plant and wall, makes is a versatile backdrop. This wall is park of the parking lot structure at the museum, and there is literally a security video camera 10 feet away, mounted on the wall. The last time I was there just playing around it took about 5 minutes before rent-a-cop came waddling out to ask me what I was doing. Setting up a bunch of lights and softboxes isn’t the most incognito shoot. The jerk made me pay for parking! This time we either had a cooler security guard monitoring the video or he was preoccupied with a donut run. Either way, we didn’t get bothered this time around.

The wind showed it’s face from time to time. Sometimes it worked against us, threw Tiffani’s hair in her face, others it worked in our favor and gave it a little flair. Spencer came along for the ride, thank god. Those softboxes absolutely love the wind, kept spinning my lights around like a fricken’ wind vane. Spencer held onto the key light for me, kept ‘er inline.

The sun was blasting the side of the stair wall, gave us a nice contrast when used in combination with the strobes. The resulting colors are very warm and pleasing to the eye.

Tiffani had this neon jacket, circa 1980’s style. Worked out great against the muted tones of the backdrop.

I fear this is one of my last outdoor shoots of the year. As I write this, it is raining so hard it sounds like a herd of cattle are stampeding across the roof. Indoor location scouting here I come!