The Cold Warehouse

The Cold Warehouse


It was a long, cold, yet very productive weekend for the Smokin’ Hot Espresso calendar shoot. Got three more months out of the way, with only two more to go. This project is going about as smoothly as could be expected, mostly due to Josh (business owner) and the rest of his staff’s flexibility and patience to accommodate the shooting schedule.

Pictured above is the cold and very patient Stephanie. We shot all three months in a warehouse, and it was like any other warehouse – cold. You can’t see it, but she’s perched upon a $150,000 motorcycle. Ya, cool shit, right? As much as I’d love to show you the pic in it’s entirety, as this is a small crop of the full frame, you’ll have to wait for the calendar!

Dana Miller, my hair/makeup pro, has been awesome. Based out of Bellingham, she’s been making some very lengthy drives a couple times a week down to the Tacoma area. She always does a great job.

We shot one barista on a pair of motorcycles, one on a ’69 Camero rally-sport, and all of the baristas in a group shot for a Christmas scene. Brought in the trees, lights, fake snow and everything, and like I said, shot this all in the same warehouse in one weekend. Working with a very small crew, Lisa has been such a great help. Shooting behind the scenes video, helping with lights, making runs to props or supplies… she’s been a life saver. The baristas too have been part-time assistants with helping prop sets and tying up loose ends.

We’ll be finishing up the two months left this week, and then it’ll be on to selecting one pic from each shoot to use in a calendar. That will be the hardest part of the project if you ask me! More to come…