It’s In Your Hands

It’s In Your Hands


The Association of periOperative Registered Nurses (AORN), yes, it’s a mouthful… put on a video contest focusing on hand hygiene. They teamed up with 3M and created three video categories broken down by specific content matter and time, all dealing with different manners of hand cleaning. Voting starts Jan 25th, and the three finalist will be posted on AORN’s site for deciding the winner. The winner takes home $5000 for their hospital’s education department. I’m obviously pulling for Tacoma General. Here is the video we put together for the 1-minute, hand washing category. There were specific information and visuals that needed to be integrated in the video, but for that most part, we had a lot of flexibility, and we really differentiated ourselves from the pack by telling a story with video instead of adding another tally to the countless instructional videos out there. Let us know what you think! Public voting will decide the winner out of the 3 finalists next week. I’ll post again with a link to the contest voting so that you all can vote once it’s available.

[media id=6 width=640 height=360]

Lisa, the OR nurse educator, and I sat down and came up with a concept, drew out some sketches, and set out to shoot it. With a tripod and a couple lights, we shot all of this in about 4 hours, spent a few hours in editing, asked a guy at my other job who has an unbelievable voice to do the voice over work, and there you have it. Granted you already have the proper equipment for capture and editing, this project cost zero dollars to produce.

For all you techies out there… I shot all of this with the Canon 7D in video mode. I find the video capturing capabilities of the 7D much better than the 5D mkII’s, ironically. The 7D, came out about 6 months after the 5D mkII, and as you may know, the video capabilities are steadily leaking into the still cameras. The 6 months between the model releases makes that quite clear. Both cameras do shoot great video, but the 7D has buttons dedicated to the video where the 5D mkII does not.

Video and editing is another love of mine, and following a lot of the same principles that photography and light theory does… video arts have a lot of similarities. Don’t get me wrong, there is still an ocean between the two, but a strong knowledge of light will give anyone a huge step-up compared to a newbie when starting the plunge into video and film. Expect to see a lot of photographers attempt to make the plunge in the coming years, trying to deepen their bag of tricks for clients by offering video services as well. It’ll be interesting to see how they do.