New Life in an Old Rose

New Life in an Old Rose


I had some roses in the house for a couple weeks, they aged very well, and… like many things they inspired a photoshoot. They kept their form, yet darken in color and gained a nice texture.

I shot a couple with a butterfly beauty light configuration, but my main focus was a darker, more mysterious shot. Setting up two lights with 10 and 20 degree grid spots, I lit only key parts of the composition, giving it a nice look. I love having deep, dark shadows in my photos, and these have lots of that indeed. For me, the most interesting photos are always the ones where there is a part of the photo in darkness, just something about it.

The deep purple color really comes out in these low-key photos, and I love the shadow fall.

These shots were fun to do, and only took 10 minutes or so to setup and get the shadows to fall the way I wanted. If you have lighting and have grid spots, play around with them, you can get some cool shots. Some times less is more.