Nooks and Crannies

Nooks and Crannies

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Last weekend I spent a couple hours with the kids of the Mossor family. The family wanted some individual and various group shots of the kids. Another glorious rainy day in Washington, of course, which limited our shooting possibilities. But, this is why I love Tacoma, especially the downtown district. There are countless little nooks and crannies with cool walls and textures that can be found under cover and out of the rain, you only need about 20 feet of covered space to rock a shoot like this. Rain or shine, I can shoot all day long in Tacoma, love it.

The overcast skies also play to my advantage, knocking down the brightness of the daylight, allowing me to control the environment even more with my lighting. The pictures above wouldn’t have been possible with a bright sunny day, the “mood” wouldn’t be present. If you are not familiar with off-camera lighting and the amount of lighting control you have, yes, these were taken in the middle of an overcast day. Anywho, the gloomy sky allowed me to turn the scene to complete darkness if desired. I left a little ambient light floating in the background so I could use the shapes of the building silhouettes for something different.

Shot two different locations for this. My fav by far was this old parking garage. It has these little spots where older brick walls met the newer cement part of the structure, so you get this awesome contrasty look of old mixed with new. Shot the guys here, and had some fun playing with the cement pillars. Snuck a flash behind it all to light the back wall behind the pillars. Without this light there the shot wouldn’t really work, the pillars and subjects would just fade into the darkness without any separation from the background, but with the light there you get to see the depth and geometry of the location.

Really great spot, but even better because you are able to shoot this regardless of the weather conditions. The guys did a great job, they came up with most of the poses. I just let them do there thing and adjusted my lighting around their ideas. The shot directly above is awesome. Great posing and expressions, location, and lighting coming together to make this happen.

But… you can’t forget goofy little Sabrina (below). It was her turn up to bat for individual photos, and she whipped out this super funny face. It totally caught me off guard because of what she did with her eyes, they are going different directions! I asked her to replicate it so that I could capture it. I present the amazingly freakish talent of Sabrina.

It was a cold, wet day, but the kids made this a fun outing, and we got some great pictures! Had a lot of favs from this shoot, so enjoy the others below!