Airport Security – Over the Line

Airport Security – Over the Line


Is it just me, or has airport security gotten a little out of control up here in Alaska? First you want me to take off my shoes, then my laptop has to come out of the bag, you give me the stink-eye while I walk my barefoot ass through the metal detector like you are waiting for me to yell the word ‘bomb’, and check my ID 47 times before I buckle my seatbelt on the plane. But this next move is truly over the top. Bears… yes, bears. Bomb-sniffing bears are now patrolling Alaskan airports. These two jokers were at the Fairbanks airport greeting people at the baggage claim.

In all seriousness, these things are huge! I know bears are big and all, but geez. It was impressive enough to see these things encased in glass boxes, I couldn’t imagine one out loose. The polar bear, the largest MEAT EATING land animal, true story, just looked it up on wiki. You survival dudes are crazy thinking I’m gonna lay my butt on the ground in the fetal position, crossing my fingers he doesn’t swallow me whole. So… what is the logic here? So I can make it easier for me to fit in his mouth? Bite-sized Matty, served on a platter. I’ll be running… fast and in the opposite direction. I don’t care if he catches me, at least I won’t be laying on the ground messing my pants. I’m hear to tell you, if I mess my pants it’ll be while I’m running at full speed, thank you very much. According to wiki, CocaCola has been lying to us all these years. Apparently polar bears do NOT drink their pop, nor have the ability to flick the cap off the bottle, how depressing.

Forgive the poor pics, they were taken with my iPhone, the glass doesn’t help either. Got in really late last night and settled into the hotel. Got out really later today and got some pictures of the local ice sculptures. Got some really awesome stuff! I’ll be posting those tomorrow evening, or night… cause I’m an hour behind all you PNW’ers right now. See ya tomorrow!