Ice Sculptures – Part 2

Ice Sculptures – Part 2

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Got some time to finish up the ice sculpture photos and post up some more selects. If you are saying “what? What ice sculptures?” You should click here to read part uno – CLICK FOR PART 1 –. So… on to more pictures and a little bit more story. Almost being in Alaska for a week now, I can tell you this was the most fun I had while taking pictures here. I mean… how often to you get to go photograph the location where the world’s best ice carvers come to compete?! Again, these pictures don’t give these guys nearly enough credit because of all the melting that had taken place before I showed up.

Artists carved just about anything and everything out of ice. Below is a giant scorpion, Brian jumped into the shot so you could get an idea of the scale of these monsters.

I took a turn, but the scorpion got me with one of it’s giant claws. I barely escaped to tell the tale!

My only regret when shooting this location was not giving myself enough time. Only had about an hour to shoot before the sun was over the hills. The light that I did have was great though, and I was able to use the sunshine hitting the ice to add a splash of color to the ice.

A throne with built-in air conditioning…

By the way, all pics of me are courtesy of Brian and his camera. Thanks, Bri!

I would really need to set aside a couple days to properly capture all of the art work. So much good stuff, and an hour walking through and taking a few quick shots like I did won’t do the trick. Below is a ice log house, complete with ice bench that I took full advantage of!

What are the chances of finding money just laying on the ground? How about in the snow? How about in the snow while walking along way off the beaten path? Apparently pretty good. Brian and I were walking on our way back to the car and I randomly decided to veer off course, and while doing so I spotted Mr. Jackson looking up at me. I was so pumped, Brian snagged a shot for me.

For those photographers out there… all my shots were taken with a 5D mkII married with a 50mm 1.4 lens.

Like I said, I’ll be pushing out a wallpaper set of the ice sculpture shots for you guys. Lookout for the download soon!