Studio Flowers

Studio Flowers


Another shoot with Tiare Floral Design in the books. Tomasi, the designer, always amazes me with his work. It’s fun when two artists who come from two completely different fields collaborate on projects. You get double the art, an… art-in-art if you will. Tomasi’s work pushes me at times with lighting, giving me a challenge, which is awesome. The designs are never the same and range wildly in size, with some breaching the 5 feet mark. These are not small floral arrangements. Lighting them equally across the entire piece can be difficult at times, especially the wide variety of materials that are used.

Tomasi makes product photography fun. He brings something to the table that most people never get to see, using very exotic flowers along with a euro-type styling. It’s refreshing and unique and it’s fun to photograph.

Spent a good deal of time getting the general lighting right on the first piece, then using it on the rest with slight mods, however, I did float a flash unit around the room to add some spice to a photo from time to time. The pictures above showing that flash unit tucked behind the glass.

It’s amazing the amount of detail that goes into his work, yet he manages to keep such a simplistic composition, really cool stuff.

Good Stuff! I’m heading up to Bellingham once again for a FULL weekend of shooting, and you can expect some photos from that soon! ‘Til next time.