Smokin’ Hot Shoot – Graffiti Style

Smokin’ Hot Shoot – Graffiti Style

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A few months back, when we did the calendar project for Smokin’ Hot Espresso, we also designed a punch card for each girl using the photography from the calendar shoots. Each girl then had an individual card to hand out to repeat customers, they’ve been a big hit. They’ve had a three more girls join the team since then and were in need of some photos, specifically for creating punch cards for the new employees. For those newer readers that a completely lost, flip back a few months in the posts and you’ll get caught up real fast.

We originally planned on shooting this set on white seamless, but… I got the craving to do something a little more creative last minute. Like, really last minute. Try an hour before the shoot! Found a solid location that had the graffiti scene going on. Now… I know what you are thinking, “geez, hasn’t the graffiti thing been played out yet?”. The answer to that lays in how you use it. You can compose your shots in a way where you are totally relying on the graffiti art as your focal point, or you can use it to accent your models. I chose the later, and using various lighting techniques, I added or subtracted how much of the graffiti played a role in the shots.

Shot this in a very cool, open parking garage. The owner just recently opened it up for graffiti artists to come in. It’s not about gangs coming in and sloppily throwing up there tag, it really was about art. Every inch of this place was covered, and some very nice work. Every ten feet or so gave us a different background, different colors, making it easy to coordinate the full spectrum of colors to the girls’ outfits.

Here are some more ‘moody’ shots, casting some longer shadows, bringing more mystery into the composition.

Love this last setup we did, colors, everything about it catches my eye. Being the first photo shoot for two of the girls, they did a great job changing up positions between pops and looking comfortable.

Of course, leave it to me to pick another cold day for these poor girls to have to pose nearly naked in. I always feel bad for them! They were troopers though and did a great job making you think it was anything but cold that day. Below is a really cute shot I snapped between light setups. All three girls huddled in a blanket trying to keep warm. I designed the punch cards and sent them out to the print shop today, and I have no doubt the customers will love them.