Active Series Update – Selecting Participants

Active Series Update – Selecting Participants


A little update for everyone:

I’ve had a great response to the call for participants in the Active Series project. We have well over 100 legitimate contenders fighting for a spot, and we are getting those narrowed down now. We are still accepting new comers, as we will always welcome people who can offer something that we do not already have in the pool of participants. So as long as we are shooting the project, please contact me (new comers).

There is no definite end date to when the project will be done at this time, heck, it might last a year depending on the participants who come forward and want to be a part of the project.

Thanks to all who have offered to be a part of the project, your donation of time is most appreciated! I look forward to working with all of you very soon!

Please keep checking back, as I’ll post up from time to time to keep you all informed.

A side note, for those who care to know… this is the 100th post for the Matty Photography blog, in it’s year and a half life. I hope to see you all here, sharing in the photography and comments with me for the years to come.