Bellingham Film Festival – Day Two

Bellingham Film Festival – Day Two

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Second and last full day of the Bellingham Film Festival. Two more workshops, more film showings, an awards ceremony, and of course, the party. The boys had there fun yesterday, today was the girls’ turn to do some workshops. You might recognize the moderators for these workshops. Improv comedians DK and Morgan, provided some well-timed laughs during the sessions and kept the mood light. The days’ guest speakers, Lisa Beach and Sara White, provided some much desired information for the audience, and of course, answered a ton of questions.

Same drill as the day before, spent some time with each guest on the white seamless, as well as a few shots with their moderators. DK and Morgan always make my job easy, hell, even I’m laughing and smiling while behind the camera. In the words of Morgan as he was getting makeup applied for the shoot, “I don’t know what this stuff is but it tastes delicious.”

Got some great group shots. Again, comedians will always help the group dynamics meld a bit quicker. A shot below of Wilson, the man behind the whole event giving an into for a guest.

Couple shots from the workshops…

Don’t ask me why, but I LOVE this shot of Lisa’s feet. Yes, I know, that sounds really really weird, but it was just how she was sitting while she was speaking and I like it.

We held the closing party for the weekend’s events at the Pickford Dream Space. The setup for the party was totally last minute and rushed, but it was fun. We found whatever lights we could to illuminate the unfinished space, and when we say “whatever lights” we mean it. We found some christmas lights and strung those along the walls, and I took a white bed sheet and a work lap and made a giant softbox on one wall. Actually turned out pretty neat!

I’m already looking forward to next year’s film festival. It was a great weekend, and if you are in the Bellingham area and you are in anyway involved in film, you should definitely mark it on the calendar!