Fist Bumpin’ Family Portrait

Fist Bumpin’ Family Portrait

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The picture above, which can only be described as pure awesomeness, is of little one and half year-old Brennan. The Barnes asked me to capture a family portrait while they had the growing family all in one spot for the week. An extremely sweet group, they were great to work with. We selected a spot at Tumwater Falls Park. If you haven’t been there and live in the nearby area, you should definitely come visit it on a nice day. It has a really nice walking trail with little waterfalls to look at along the entire loop. There are little spots where you can get down to water level and climb on the rocks. This is where we ended up doing our session.

Brennan, the newest addition to the squad, was our wild card for the day. Take a one and a half year-old boy, put him by water and a bunch of rocks that happen to be the perfect size for throwing, and you have one GIANT distraction on your hands. It worked out good in the end, and he was actually a very well behaved little man. He’s got a great set of parents, so no surprise on why he’s such a good boy. Super hilarious how little kids pick things up. Brennan was in his own world doing his thing, and it’s hard to bring him out of it, but you ask for a fist bump and he’ll walk right over with a smile on his face and give ya some love. Hence the pic at the top, we all had a good laugh reviewing the photo.

We quickly shot the full family in a couple poses, time isn’t on your side with toddlers! Then we did a few couples shots and called it wrap for the family portraits. Brennan on the other hand, was my subject for another 10 minutes or so. Those rocks sure met their match, I think we have a baseball player on our hands here mom and dad.

Love these next two photos. I imagine this comic strip of a photo series.

Photo 1.) Brennan looking up at mom with puppy dog eyes, “Hey mom, is it cool if I get my toss on with these rocks?”

Photo 2.) Mom: “Yes you may.” Brennan, looking back at the rocks and water, “Booyah, let’s do this!”

Brennan at the water’s edge, reloading yet again.

Finished up the shoot with a couple father/son photos. What’s better than two dudes throwin’ some rocks, seriously.

Had a lot of fun shooting this group. And the very top picture of the fist bumpin’ is definitely not one of my better pictures, but one of my favorites… Look at it, how could it not be?!