The Williams Family

The Williams Family

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Meet the Williams family. I had the pleasure of shooting the group a week or so ago in their local neighborhood park in Federal Way. They were fun to shoot, very easy-going family. The park was quite pleasant, it gave us lots of options for some nice compositions. I will also run with places that give my subjects a prop to around with, it gives them something to do, and makes the subjects look way more natural posing for a photo. Even if that means just a tree, like below, it’s a good place to start our left most subject. Cause five people just standing around in the middle of a field is just kinda… silly. Had a nice sun setting, so used it as my back light for a bit.

The park also had a fun playground, and the twisty slide was calling my name. Ran the idea by “Mom,” as any smart photographer would do when shooting a family (Mom is the only one who needs to be happy with the photos, if mom likes them, you are good). She was all for the idea, so we propped the family in and around the slide. They were all good sports for doing this!

Finished up the shoot propping the fam on a stone bench. Love the tones in this setup.

Big thanks to the Williams for being so fun to work with, and putting up with my slide idea!