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I’m gonna bet that is the first time most of you have heard the name “Kaimi” (Ki-e-me), at least it was a first for me. Hearing it kinda inspires me to name my kid(s) something exotic, that is, if I ever get around to making a couple little Matty’s. Boy… what a handful they will be. I shutter, roll my eyes, and smile all at the same time at the thought of a couple miniature me’s running around. You’ll know their my kids cause they’ll be the ones on the kid leashes that are disguised as a monkey hugging the kid, have cool-aid mustache stains, and lacking the ability to hold still. The leashes will never have a second of slack in the line, almost like a sled dog constantly trying to push forward. According to my parents, I was walking/running at 8 months old, and I was quite the handful. I distinctly remember a story they told me about a day that I played so hard and non-stop that when they got me home, I climbed onto the couch, and while on my knees I fell asleep before my head hit the cushion on my way down, like a falling tree. Man, I wish I could have seen that. Wow, sorry… way off topic here.

Kaimi, a senior this year in Bellingham. We decided on a local park that provided a variety of styles. Started with this wood walking bridge, had some character. Varied the lighting here between both a very natural and dramatic look.

And what’s Bellingham without some beach/water pics!? We moved down to the water and got some fun stuff. All of the stuff down on the water was shot with just an additional splash of lighting, pretty much just some fill light. Without me telling you, most of these shots look completely “natural” without any lighting, and there are some photographers out there that will tell you “if you can’t tell you used lighting, you did it right.” I call BS on that one, I just shoot with a combination of lighting that “feels” right. These ones felt right with just a little fill and letting the sun do the rest of the work.

Went from the rocks to some logs for propping. Loved the out of focus pier in the background on this set.

Think this is my favorite from the bunch, just like the perspective, the hair, everything.

Kaimi was a lot of fun, in fact, she is interested in photography. She was asking a few questions about my photography equipment while we were shooting. She is looking at attending my photo workshops when they are rocking this October. Lots of stuff happening in the coming weeks on the workshops, so stand-by for that!