Jungle Fever in… Tacoma?

Jungle Fever in… Tacoma?

matty_10.20.10 068

So, I got an interesting phone call the other day from a girl named Hope. She wanted to do a senior photo shoot with me, cool I’m all for it. Next comes my standard question, “what did you have in mind, any locations or styles that sound fun?” The response, simply awesome. “I want it to look like I’m in a jungle,” she tossed back. I’m sure a smile was detectable over the phone as I replied, “ok.” The smile for a couple reasons. First, only a teenager would let that be the first thing spill out of their lips when asked what kind of shoot they want. Secondly, and most importantly, this is the stuff that makes photography fun for me. The challenges, even ones that arise by step-one in the profession of photography – the location. Brazil, maybe Central America, hell, even Miami that might be doable… but a jungle in Tacoma, Washington. Rare is a spot in Washington that screams “jungle,” but fortunately a spot came to mind fairly quickly. There just so happens to be an exotic plant shop in North Tacoma, and the owner is extremely friendly, who had no problem with me shooting there. So, vuala, our jungle location is sewn-up, we were shooting later that week.

Note for your photogs… For this set I switched up my light power and/or shutter speed and aperture settings to produce two completely different looks in the same location. One set, a more natural, daylight-like, and softer. And the second set, darker, more defined, and a little edgier.

Really like this location. We hit-up just a small corner of the place, but this location has all kinds of unique little spots. I’m already looking forward to a few more shoots here.