Ray and His Bike

Ray and His Bike

matty_10.17.10 016

Spent sometime with Ray the other day, taking some senior pictures. He is also very involved in dirt bike racing, so he brought is motorcycle along for the shoot. The location for me was a no-brainer. I mean… I’m not liking the idea of Ray and his bike in the middle of the city. I’m all for contrasting subjects/environments, but I just didn’t want to force this one. I decided on a wooded scene for this shoot. Ray is also flirting with the possibility of future modeling, so we shot these with a little more attitude than your normal senior photos.

So we started with Ray and his bike on the trail. Lots of colors with the changing season, helped breakup up the colors and prevent an overload of green in the background. Also shot this is there later afternoon to give us a warmer, more pleasing light for our back lighting. While using the sun throughout the shoot as my back light, I just used one studio strobe and a giant softbox to light Ray from the front. I really love the light outside this time of year, it just is… very photo friendly. The sun hangs fairly low in the sky, the fall colors make shooting almost too easy. No matter where you point your camera, there are colors and texture all over the place.

Did a couple shirt changes, and walked around a bit and shot some different backgrounds and compositions.

Ray was a natural and made my job easy. Really like the last set, composed a few with the sun to give them some flair.