Waterfront Park with Alyssa

Waterfront Park with Alyssa

matty_9.25.10 061 - Version 2

Visited a newly developed park down on the Tacoma waterfront with Alyssa for her senior pictures. After looking through these photos, you might be like “…uh… waterfront? There is not a single photo here with water.” I’d probably be thinking the same thing. Yes, this is a park right on the water, however, the pieces of the park that we used to compose Alyssa’s photos didn’t showcase the water. It was about 5pm and very bright out still. The better shots captured where I was using my light to control exposure on Alyssa.

We first shot amongst these stone pillars that are staggered about on this path. I shot these mostly from below Alyssa, giving these a very non-Washington feel, almost like a Arizona type setting with just the pillars in the background.

I wouldn’t think in my head that a turquoise shirt and blue sky would look very complimentary, however, the other colors in the composition below really make it pop. Of course, it helps that I was able to knock enough brightness out of the sky to take it too a much darker blue.

Walking around, we saw this cute little bamboo fence. Did I have any idea that I’d be shooting a subject on a bamboo fence when we schedule a waterfront shoot? Um… how do you say… “no”. I was diggin’ it though, and lit this in a way to give the fence some nice contrast and make it standout a bit more.

Shot a couple more settings and then called it a day. Only an hour on location, got some goodies.