Antique Quest & Wine Fest

Antique Quest & Wine Fest

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It’s when these annual events come back around each year that really freaks me out. I get the call to come photograph again and it blows me away it’s already been a year since the last time I covered the event. I’m also grateful that a large bonus of my job is that I’m literally taking tens of thousands of photos each year, so I have something to show for the fast-passing sands of time. Anywho… another Tacoma Community House fundraiser has come and gone. They took it up a notch this year, making it a masquerade event, and fire and acrobatic performers were there to add a little spice.

Late October was a great time of year to hold a masquerade event, as there were many fun costumes, many with a Halloween touch. So you had this mix of nice, elegant masks with goofy costumes, aliens, etc. stirred in.

Notice the wolf hand on this next one, this man was accompanied by a sexy red riding hood.

There was awesome wine to be drank, a very well-done desert layout, live music, and of course the antique appraisal area. Here are a few pics of the fire performers.

In all, it was a very nice event with a large turn-out. Here’s a couple more pics to end the post.