Have Swimsuit, Will Travel

Have Swimsuit, Will Travel


Yep, headed somewhere tropical in the middle of December – Maui. Got a call about six months back from a new client, “hey can you shoot a wedding… in December… in Maui?” Gee, let me think, um, yes. I’m island-bound on Wednesday, scouting locations for a couple days, and shooting the wedding on Saturday. I have no doubt these will be some of, if not, the best photos to ever come out of my cameras.

I’m also going to try my best to update the blog with some fun little photo shoots I’m hoping to capture as well while I’m there for the week, along with a post or two on ‘gear.’ For those photographers out there who are curious about what a lighting freak like me takes when he’s stripped of all his big, bad studio lights and left with just super mobile equipment…. I’m planning on posting a video blog on what I brought and why, and you’ll get to see the results (obviously) from the shoots.

Stay tuned!

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