Maui Destination Wedding – All Dressed Up (pt4)

Maui Destination Wedding – All Dressed Up (pt4)

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Spent a couple shutter clicks with both bride and groom in the dressing rooms. The beach house on the property was icing on the cake to an already great location. The bride prepared herself in a room that had this awesome bed, had all kinds of drapery and style to it. Naturally, that’s where I placed here for a few shots. Of course… once you are all done up in a dress like this, flopping down onto a bed is messy, so the girls helped her out, got a great pic of that.

Now… I’ve never been married, but I bet in this moment, getting ready to walk out there for the ceremony… it’s gotta be quite a rush of emotions, especially in such a perfect setting.

Cocktails kissed with a tropical flower…. I’m jealous. One look at that drink and I was ready to trade my 6 pound camera setup for one of those bad boys and kick back. 😉

Off to the guy’s side of house… sans makeup artists and fancy beds, ya know… a dudes room.

Everything was going great, and then… it rained. It rained hard. To the point where staff had to run out and either haul seating back in or cover things with plastic. All this extra effort invested by the coordination company, CNN is there to capture it all, and… it rains. Wedding was supposed to kickoff at 4, but mother nature didn’t quite see eye-to-eye with the timing, and thought everything would play out a lot better at 5. With the sun slipping right along the sky, we started the ceremony at 5, with a slight sprinkle still falling from the skies.

Here is a pic of the guys having a chat with the Hawaiian officiate, waiting for the rain to stop.

Ceremony pics up next…