Maui Destination Wedding – Bride & Bouquet (pt8)

Maui Destination Wedding – Bride & Bouquet (pt8)

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Getting tired of these wedding posts yet? This is the second-to-last one, so hang in there, cause this is the good stuff! Yes, by that I mean the lighting stuff. Towards the end of the wedding reception, I pulled Leeann aside to get some “fun photos.” I had been eyeing the alter they got married under ever since I arrived early that day. I knew it would make a great location to work-in some light, and make some interesting compositions.

Started simple, with one light, 2’x2′ softbox for front light. Then added some edging details to both the bride and flowers with a bare backlight directly behind Leeann.

Shot a few in the reverse direction.

And then finished off with her about 15 feet in front of the alter. Got a little silly, tossing in a jig on the last one.

I had a lot of fun shooting these. It was so dark at that point, as it was completely dark out, and the alter was in the far corner of the venue, so no lights were around. I had to use a flash light just so I could get focus. Always fun being able to light a location like this when it’s totally dark. Shot all this in about 5 minutes. Just a quick little shoot, something fresh and different for the bride to have. Of course, all of the other wedding photos are great as well, but adding a little spice with a mini shoot like this is a blast.

So that’s it for the “wedding” shots. Leeann really wanted to do a trash the dress shoot, so the next day we ventured out to the surf. Coming up next!