Maui Destination Wedding – Reception (pt7)

Maui Destination Wedding – Reception (pt7)

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Pictured above are Leeann and her best buds. It’s great when you see a group of friends stick together, even 10 years after high school. Sure, new friends will come and go along the years, but there is just something about those high school friends that makes it special.

Soon after the portraits were wrapped, the sun dipped below the sea, leaving torches, chandeliers, and candles to light the reception.

It was on to music, food, cake, fruity drinks, and dancing…

The cake/desserts table was clean and elegant.

I also snuck in a couple shots of the bride’s bouquet with the cake.

At night, the lights in all of the glass balls came alive.

The cake cutting. Always a fun event, anxious to see if someone gets a face-full.

Leeann went first, she was nice.

Daymeon was next, and you can see “the look” she is giving Daymeon. I think he could sense that it was in his best interest to be nice as well, that is, if he wanted the honeymoon to go smoothly. 😉 And he was indeed nice.

Last, but not least, a little dancing. Even the moms got out and had some fun with their daughters.

That covers the reception, and the end to a long day of photos. As you can see from the “set” of posts, a lot of goodies in the group of photos. Up next, a little mini session I shot with Leeann during the reception! They are my fav shots of the day.