Great Shoot Saturday

Great Shoot Saturday

matty_2.12.11_ 355

Just wanted to post an update… Had my first official newborn baby shoot last Saturday. For just being a couple weeks old, Makenna was a very alert baby! I’m sure all of the flashes popping off didn’t help. Up above a BTS shot, Cherial comforting her new daughter. This was not a setup at all. We were shooting and Makenna started to get a little uneasy, so mom stepped in for a couple minutes. Lights happened to be in the right spot and I took a couple shots. That baby is a limp sack of potatoes in her are, completely relaxed.

I’m in the middle of going through these and wanted quickly share two that I really like. These are the shots I took on a whim as Cherail was holding Makenna between setups.

Newborn Makenna and I teamed up and made this for mommy for v-day. 😉

More posts coming up!