Stephanie’s Maxim Submission

Stephanie’s Maxim Submission

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I photographed Stephanie a couple weeks ago. She contacted me and said she wanted to submit some photos for Maxim Magazine’s ‘Hometown Hotties’ contest. It’s a contest Maxim holds every year, girls from around the country submit there photos. A large bunch of those make it to the magazine for readers to view and vote for their favorite.

So, that leaves Stephanie and I to take some fun and sexy/cute images. Unfortunately, the PNW in the middle of March doesn’t really lend itself to warm, outside shooting situations. That meant we had to fall back on shooting in and around my studio, which worked out just fine.

Stephanie brought a few outfits with her, and among those were these killer pair of heels. I’d never seen anything like them, so we used them for our shoot. Now… I really wish that I can say we planned it, but there were some chairs that the antique mall has that were an exact match to her shoes. You’ll see below in the pics just how close the chair and shoes were. We really couldn’t have gone out and paid for a better chair to match. Funny how things work out like that for ya at times. I took it as a good sign and ran with it.

The photos below are some of the various looks we got for Stephanie’s submission for the Maxim contest.

Played the sexy school girl outfit in the library, fitting…

Stephanie has these very nice, long legs, hence the reason why we are showcasing them in most of these shots.

I have lots of shoots to post up about still from the last couple weeks, so look for more content comin’ your way!