Upfront Shoot – Layers of Character

Upfront Shoot – Layers of Character

matty_2.20.11_ 689

Lots of things in the making here at the base of operations for Matty Photography. It’s gonna be a really busy next week, so I’m posting a little goodie for you guys while I know I have a chance. Speaking of not getting a chance, I never posted up on the last Upfront shoot that I did a month or two back. Love working with these guys, all I have to do is setup my lights and pull my camera up to my face, the Upfront crew takes care of the rest. I’d really love to actually take the time and setup a concept with them, as we’ve only shot in and around the theater. The shot above literally taken of Galen (doing the ‘thinker’) and Morgan (doing the serious face, patent pending) in the recycling dumpster out back. All of the photography with them so far has all been shot from the hip (pardon the pun), and somehow we come out with something that works. I guess that’s cause of the sheer amount of character they can stir up from thin air at the word “go.” Need one of them to make a face? How about 30 different faces, a new one after each pop of the flash? They can pretty much all do it, and do it well. Over 700 photos, yes, that’s right 700 photos, which of that all have the cast expressing something different, whether that be a face or body expression. The variety of our shoots only limited by the amount of time I have to capture it all. The tough part comes down to having to pick your favorites out of 700 photos, all which truly are good. Hence this post’s photos are just a blind pick of the bunch, and in no particular order. Enjoy, and be on the lookout for more photos and video productions waiting in the hopper to be presented…

I do have a fav out of the whole bunch… the pic of Morgan below.

I know you at smiled at least once, maybe even laughed while looking through these. See you soon!