BTS Video – Rocker Shoot

BTS Video – Rocker Shoot

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Video cameras are rolling at almost every shoot now. If I see a free hand while we are on set working, I toss that hand a camera. I can never really have enough BTS material. The only downside is the more BTS I have the more time I gotta spend sifting through all of it, compounded with all the time I invested into the actual photographic process and the photos for the client. Love all the material, hate the fact that I can’t clone myself at put him strictly on BTS shooting and editing, that would be amazing. So, unfortunately a lot of the BTS material never sees the light of day, which gets tossed into the Matty archives. Every few months I’ll go the extra mile and compile a video from a favorite shoot and toss it on the site. Well, today is one of those days. I stayed up late last night cutting together this short, two-minute video.

I was lucky enough to have fellow creatives Andy and Jolaina at the recent commercial shoot I did with one of my regular clients, Whatcom Sound. The pair, both armed with cameras, got some fun footage that I couldn’t toss into the archives without getting a little attention first. This video will give you a good idea of everything we had going on. A lot of the set and lighting was up and ready to go before the cameras were out to capture anything, but you still get to see the bulk of activities during the shoot.

One of the things you might be thinking as you watch the beginning, where we are in a fairly well-lit room, to seeing the photo compilation at the end where everything looks really dark is, “how did they make that bright room look black?” Well, it’s not a fancy photoshop technique, but rather the power of the strobe lighting I’m using. When I expose for the really bright strobe lights, the ambient room light is many times darker, so it doesn’t effect the end photograph, and all you see are the strobes lighting the scene. Pretty cool, right? Well, enjoy the video and the photos at the end! Lots more coming.

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Oh, and before I forget, here is the sketch I drew up when I thought of this photo concept back-to-back with a photo from the shoot. Drew the idea on paper, six months later came the photo. 🙂

Thanks to:
BTS video: Andy & Jolaina
MUA: Dana Miller
Biz: Whatcom Sound

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