Trip Coming To An End

Trip Coming To An End

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As fast as the trip arrived, it has gone just a quickly. The trip to Arizona for some work, some vaca time, and if other photo opportunities presented themselves I’d take them. But… when it’s 110 degrees out, you aren’t exactly hunting for them. Sitting inside of the hotel room, it’s easy to say, “yes, let’s go do a shoot!” The second you open the door of your A/C’d room, the heat smacks your body with the mind-changing power that takes photographic ambitions and melts them away, leaving the sole desire to jump in the pool. The heat consumes your mind just like when you have to go the bathroom really bad, with concentration lost, all you can think about is your body trying to escape it. That’s pretty much how my time in Phoenix has gone.

I’m guessing a lot of you heard or read about the haboob that blew through Phoenix. A haboob is a giant dust storm, and this one was a mile high and about 100 miles wide, so yeah… it was pretty crazy. People have lived here their whole lives and said they’ve never seen anything like it. I guess I’m just that lucky of a guy. We were out eating when it came in, and we and to try and drive home in it. The dust was so thick that I missed a couple turns back to the hotel.

I am going to make an effort and try to get outside during sunset today and try and photograph some of the unique desert plant life.

Start making my way back tomorrow, pulling back in Monday, and heading straight to a meeting with a client.

The photographs you see here are from the Grand Canyon. Really murky photos, as there was a really strong haze about. I think it is a result of all the fires going on.