Chuggin’ Along

Chuggin’ Along

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Commercial work, mini sessions, weddings, and more all in the same week. The last month has been a crazy mix of work, if it weren’t for iCal keeping my schedule and head together, I wouldn’t know what mode to wake up in. It’s an interesting thing, switching it up from shooting food products in the studio to children in the park the next day. Clientele interaction, lighting, and photographic approaches… the whole game changes with the wildly different jobs. One thing is for sure, all the variety keeps me on my toes, and… consequently keeping me away from the blog as of late.

Speaking of variety, the mini sessions have been bringing just that. From a single person to the full family shoots, I’ve been shooting it all and at a few different locations. The kids always bring unexpected surprises. They are definitely a challenge, but a welcome one, because they provide hilarious expressions when they come out of their shell. Couple goofy ones I’ve taken over the last week in the post, along with a young man I captured down at Ruston Way. Plenty of bloggin’ to come on that later down the road.

On the tech front (for you fellow photogs), I did some firmware updates on both my 5DmkII and 7D. Firmware updates are an important to do on your equipment to keep it current, fix issues with the camera, etc. I usually check Canon’s website every few months or so to see if they’ve released a new firmware version. Sometimes I’ll come across a funky issues with my camera from time to time, when I go to check Canon’s site, the newest update usually addresses the issue I’m having (thanks, Canon). This last weekend I was having major issues with my 7D, it would throw an error message while shooting repeatedly and require a restart to respond again. Not a good thing if it was going to serve as my second camera for tomorrow’s wedding. I have only get one chance to capture critical moments in a very important time for a couple, so I can’t have a camera on the fritz. Checked Canon’s site tonight, and what do ya know, the newest update addressed my exact issue. Yes! I can sleep easy tonight. Whether you are a casual shooter or working jobs, check your manufacturer’s site and see if your camera has been further tuned. Sometimes your camera has issues, maybe you are not even aware of the issues, and/or that they’re fixable. Over the last couple years, Canon has fixed a number of issues I personally experienced.

Wedding is on Whidbey Island tomorrow, so I’m doing the usual the night before – going over notes, schedules, cleaning memory cards, charging batteries, and going over the gear checklist. Should be a nice day for the lucky couple.