Matty Blog Turns 3!

Matty Blog Turns 3!


Wow… today the blog turns three years old. Im not going to lie, keeping up a blog that averages over two lengthy posts per week for three straight years, while in the midst of everything else going on is a lot of work, but its been a blast. The only thing I hate about blogging is the word blog. Its retarded. People couldnt have come up with a more ugly, meaningless sounding word to represent such a gigantic avenue on the web today. Every one from large businesses to grandmothers blog, most of the content we read everyday are blogs or powered by blog development platforms. Do you think that if they knew blogging was going to be such a staple of the interwebz that they would have better a better name? Ya gotta think so. I digress…

A lot of time spent on here, publishing my stories, thoughts, and images. Its like my public journal. Heck, even Ill dig into the blog archives and look back at the trail of information. Its a fun little refresher, sometimes even forgetting some of the shoots Ive done, and it all comes back after a cruise through the three years of content. Im really glad Ive taken the time to do the blog. Of course as a photographer, I am already actively documenting people, places, and events in time with photos, but the blog brings a whole extra dimension to that documentation process.

Im surprised Ive stuck with it, and so consistently, to be honest. Im sure we all know too many of our friends and family who have started a blog only for it to fizzle out after the third post. Of course their first post is full of all of the enthusiasm, talking about all the things they are going to talk about and do on their blog. Then after that third post, things get short, dates skip months at a time (usually a post talking about how they are going to start blogging again), then a year passes and they vow the same thing. Its quite entertaining really. After seeing so many blogs end up like that, I had the fear of mine doing the same thing when I started it. Ok, here we go, lets see how long this lasts. I have my photography to thank for it chuggin along, as Im excited to share my work with you guys. My work, the stories I hear from my followers about how they loved a certain post or the photos they saw, hearing an old friend has been following the blog for a long time and love my work… these things keep me inspired to continue to do it, and do it with gusto (and not lazily posting a couple pictures with a sentence or two). I try to make the blog entertaining and informational, tying my visual work to the thought process behind the photos.

Hopefully those of you who do follow me have found it a fun/interesting place to visit. I dont see any end in-sight, I think the Matty Photography blog will be here for good. I will continue to share my photos and thoughts, a frustration or two with the photographic field I work in, raise questions, try to provide some helpful insight for fresher photographer minds reading the posts, and have a blast while doing it.

Photo above of a third grade classroom. I came in and photographed all of the third graders at an elementary school so they could all surprise their Mom’s with a Mother’s Day portrait. That’s my own mom in the middle of the pack (their teacher). It was a fun day, kids are funny, they ask the most out-of-left-field questions.