Sexy Couples Session: Dante and Robbi

Sexy Couples Session: Dante and Robbi


I had the pleasure of capturing an awesome couple last week, Dante and Robbi. Both of them are in the military, in fact, Dante had just gotten back from a tour over seas. Like, literally just got back and gave me a call to schedule a couples shoot within a day or two of his return. You see, Robbi was set to go on a tour of her own, just two weeks after Dante’s return. I was taken back in hearing this info, I couldn’t imagine being in such a trying relationship situation. I enjoyed the consult with Dante, he laid before me a clear set of images they wanted to make, and that him and his fiancĂ© wanted to conduct a shoot more on the sexy, intimate side of things. Photos that him and Robbi could share together, even though they would be an ocean apart. I always feel the pressure to make amazing photos for all my clients, but as you can probably understand, I felt a little more going into this shoot. I knew how many times Dante and Robbi would be staring at these photos as they spend some difficult time apart. This wasn’t an engagement session, this was something more.

We started things off with an out-and-about, downtown style. Dante and Robbi were incredibly easy to work with, from a photographer’s standpoint. I’ll often ask couples to pretend like I’m not there and act as if they were in their own world, interacting with one another. At times when I ask couples to do this it doesn’t exactly turnout great, I’m sure because they feel awkward getting snuggly for the camera. This in-love couple had no qualms about it, at times I felt like I had to remind them that I was there, and they made my job super easy. We got our shots and snuck back into the warm studio for a few more setups.





Another one of Dante’s requests was a shot of him doing pull-ups, these being images for his fiancĂ© to admire during their time apart. This is where I admitted that I’m a bit of a workout nut myself, with some workout equipment in the back room, and I just so happen to have a pull-up station. So I pulled out the workout station, lit it, and that was a home run. Really like how these photos turned out, they have a very commercial look to them.





Robbi was up next, we popped a couple shots of just her, photos for Dante to hold on to during her time away. A few on the couch, and then a couple sexier ones with her wearing a jacket with no shirt.



The last setup was the two of them on the couch. I really like these shots. We were able to capture it on an intimate level and the two of them look so connected, it’s awesome. Of course, our goal was to go more on the sexy side of things, and we captured that, but we also hit this deeper level of sexy. We have them in just jeans, showing a lot of skin. In these embracing shots they both look like they are home.




matty_20130118_17811 matty_20130118_17807

I’m honored that Dante and Robbi selected me to capture this special yet difficult moment in their lives. I was really happy with how these turned out and all the different kind of styles we were able to mix into the shoot.


Lots more sexy guys, girls, and couple shoots coming to the blog, sit tight.