Photographic Puzzle Pieces

Photographic Puzzle Pieces


I was walking by the meeting table today and just had to take a picture of its current situation. Yes, it’s our “meeting table” but more often than not it’s more of a staging platform for things going on at the studio. In other words, this is its default status, and when a meeting or presentation happens it then gets cleared off. I promise I didn’t stage anything on this table. This month is a complete rainbow of projects ranging from family shoots to commercial video projects, and as you can see from the goodies on the table, there are a lot of little nick-nacks that need to be out and readily available for any kind of improvisation to a shoot or concept run we are putting together. It’s all the little pieces that we may need to complete the current photographic puzzle piece as we chug along solving visual riddles.

For those curious folks, here is a small list of what can be found on the table:

  • Canon 5D2, 5D3, 7D, various lenses
  • Steadicam
  • iPad
  • A couple GoPro’s and various mounts
  • Mercedes brochures (product research for upcoming commercials)
  • Pile of memory cards
  • Shoot sketches
  • Dolly
  • Studio strobe (needing repair)
  • Squeaky toys (for kid shoots)
  • Lens filters, pocket wizards, CamRanger, batt chargers, tools, etc.
  • And most importantly, Mio, my latest addiction.

Lots coming soon, sit tight!