Baby Ava – 9 months

Baby Ava – 9 months


Ava and mommy came in for her 9 month shoot a couple weeks ago. We last saw this precious little girl for her newborn session last May, and since then  she has turned into quite the little ham. Matt and I were constantly laughing at all the silly gurgles and laughs, and we lovingly named her our little St. Bernard because man did this pup have some slobber :-D.


You already have a dream job when you get to play with kids and make family heirlooms for a living, but once in a while you get that perfect baby client that reminds you of why you love doing this so much. Ava was ideal. She was all smiles and laughs for a full two hours with no breaks. That isn’t typical and parents shouldn’t be discouraged reading this thinking, “that would NEVER be my child” because lots of times we stop to take breaks or nurse or have a snack, recover from melt downs etc. Either way we still get beautiful images, but Ava just happened to make everything very easy for me. She practically lunged from mom’s arms into mine when they walked in the door, ready to go.


As a former ballerina, my heart  melts when I get to stick a tutu on a baby.  Ava wasn’t a fan of getting dresses and re-dressed, but once we got those darling rompers and accessories on her, she was peachy.  These “ballet-crawling” shots turned out great and were one of the best parts of the evening. Matt would wind her up by setting her down at the far end of the studio, she would look up, see me at the end, and just take off crawling laughing and smiling the whole way down. We did this over and over, not because the first pictures didn’t turn out, but because I was secretly getting such a kick out of how funny and sweet this baby girl was plowing her way down the studio. We got some behind the scenes video I’ll have to share later.

Hi mommy!

Hold on, I’m coming over there.

These two are already best friends and have many joys ahead of them.

SO proud of herself, taking those big girl steps.

 I totally love this kid and I’m super excited for the big plans for her 1st birthday pics.

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