Martin – The 6-Year-Old Breakdancer

Martin – The 6-Year-Old Breakdancer


I spent a couple music-filled hours with foot happy 6-year-old Martin. I first met Martin through his father, they were both at a get-together a few months back which I also attended. Before long that evening, Martin was literally breakdancing in the dining room. I don’t know how, I didn’t know why, but it was equally funny and entertaining. My first thought – I gotta photograph this kid. Especially for only being 6, the kid could move. The only concern that may exist in attempting to photograph him would be a shyness to perform for the camera, but that definitely wasn’t going to be a problem, clearly. He’s dancing in a dining room in front of a large group of people he doesn’t know, I doubt my camera and a couple lights were going to be an issue. And it turns out I was right, the resulting shoot went great.

The shoot concept was pretty simple – setup some lights, turn up the stereo, and ask Martin to do his thing.



He was a goof ball…





matty_20130223_18717 Popped my sunglasses on the little guy for some ringflash fun.

matty_20130223_18745 matty_20130223_18738


Ended things with a little combo of long exposures and flash lighting. Turned out pretty cool.




Lots of shoots in the cue to make there way to the blog, so sit tight!