A Dash of Fitness, A Sprinkle of Sexy

A Dash of Fitness, A Sprinkle of Sexy


I’ve recently started shooting some fitness-centric concepts the past few months and I’ve really enjoyed it. Fitness has been a part of my own life for as long as I could remember. I’m super glad that I grew up in the 80’s like I did. Not for the terrible fashion going on or anything, however we did have some pretty kickass cartoons back then… I digress. Seriously though, back then we didn’t have a TV in every room of the house with 300 channels, fully immersive video games, or even computers or cell phones. We had our imagination and sports. Back then it was standard for kids to play a number of sports through the seasons, and quite honestly, a kid was considered more of the odd man out if they didn’t at least play one sport during the year. It’s what we did, we woke up and were outside all damn day. I know, a rarity any more, and it bothers me a bit to see the shift. Luckily, the habits of keeping active stayed with me through high school, where I found focused weight and sports training, and thankfully I’ve been able to keep with it to this day. Fitness is most definitely a lifestyle, something that is a part of you, something you need to continue to do in order to feel like yourself. When it came to photographing fitness style concepts it was second nature for me, a familiarity of human body mechanics already well-understood. Of course, before a photo concept can be considered “well-developed,” a full understanding of everything going on (where faces, and the rest of the body for that matter, will be pointed and how it will be moving and taking shape) needs to be solid before you can move forward and be successful in creating that image floating around in the mind.

I had a great shoot with Stephanie a couple weeks back, who by the way, is no stranger to my lens. Off of the top of my head, I can think of around a dozen shoots within that last 3-4 years I’ve had to pleasure of photographing Steph in one way or another. There’s a reason for that too, she’s super easy to work with and always performs well for the camera. We got together and created this unique combination of fitness and sexy images for a couple of reasons. One, being that she has been getting into the fitness world for some time. She’d been “in to it” for a couple years, but fairly recently started getting serious about it, preparing and participating in fitness competitions. Second, her significant other is currently away, serving in the military, and we thought it’d be fun to send him a little gift.

We kicked things off with the softer, sexier stuff. We had a couple laughs as Stephanie is getting to the point with her physique that some of the more feminine poses just did work. I’d ask her to situate in a certain manner and a bicep would pop, or a shoulder would shape in a way that looked too muscular for the feel/style we were posing her. After all, “soft and sexy” doesn’t start with an intimidating set of guns flexing – that was going to be reserved for later in the shoot where we’d showcase all that hard work she’s poured into that body.








We then moved on to the harder, moodier fitness shots. Again, still very much into fitness and weight training myself, I just so happen to keep a lot of equipment in the back of the studio for when I have some free time to squeeze in a workout. It makes it pretty darn easy to turn the studio into a small gym.



Stephanie is just beginning her journey into what I know will be a great and rewarding path in fitness. As a result, I’m sure her body will continue to reshape into that which only few are able to attain. It takes years of dedication of hard work, diet, and sacrifice to get their, and as you can see, it’s already paying off big time for Stephanie and her body transformation.





Keep up the hard work, Steph, and I’m sure the next time you step in front of my lens you will be that much closer to your end goal! If you are looking for sexy and/or fitness shots, hit me up with a message from our contact page, and come in for a free consult. These types of photos are super fun for a surprise gift for that special someone, or a great way to document your fitness progress to remember for years down the road.

More to come to the blog, it’s just a matter of finding the time to post all of the work that’s been going on and coupling it with a handful of coherent sentences.