Little Michael David – 6 Months

Little Michael David – 6 Months


These big blue eyes are killer! And what a sweet little man little Michael was at his 6-month photo shoot.  He had JUST started crawling and was still a little unsure of himself, but determined to get from A to B at the same time. It took a little while for him to get the  motor running but then he took off.



Since daddy had to work when we did newborn photos last August, I definitely wanted to get a few moments with just father and son, but there were also many great moments of the whole family. Baby-blue-eyes here just adores his parents and loves to be cuddled and kissed so that and lots of face holding went on during this shoot.


That face! It just makes you smile, doesn’t matter what kind of day you had.



We did some classic white seamless for this portrait session since the client was looking for bright, happy, and simple family pieces for their home. I always like to do at least two or three different set ups for the baby milestone shoots so we also  did a more defined look using two gridded strip-boxes and my go-to, the parabolic umbrella. It just gives you such a beautiful, well rounded light, I love it. After our darker set up we moved on to another bright and airy look and then called it a day.



matty_20130309_2466 matty_20130309_2333

Won’t be long before those little feet are pitter-pattering down the hallway. Watch out world!