Princess Tea Party In The Woods

Princess Tea Party In The Woods


Wow. What a fun shoot. In anticipation of the awesomeness, we went ahead and shot a ton of behind the scenes footage of this particular shoot and took the opportunity to use it to showcase what we do each and every day for our fantastic clients, along with the full-cycle service each one receives. It is a mom and daughter shoot for the ages, that’s for sure. I couldn’t have asked for a better family either, the Mauss family are absolute sweethearts (and cute to boot). The shoot concept started with the tea party in the woods, and well, kinda grew into something larger. The tea party was still the central focus of the shoot but we added a couple fun ideas to the front end of the production, which told a larger story of a mom princess training her daughter princess about the finer things in life. Things like beautification and how to trap, I mean… “catch” a Prince Charming. I don’t need to go into detail about how cute these two are, it’s pretty evident in the video.

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A natural progression of the added story took to shoot right into Frinj Salon, our primary artists, who we also share a wall with. We were able to get some cute “getting ready” shots of the girls in the salon and help further tell the story of a day in the life of a princess (and daughter in-training). From the salon, we headed out to Point Defiance Park and utilized a couple pockets of different forest compositions. With generator and fog machine in tow, we were able to add more of a fairytale style to the visuals with more drama and color of light striking the clouds of fog. This is also the first shoot where I was used as a prop – that’s me posed as “Prince Charming,” and Alice was behind the camera for that series.




As I discuss in the video, these themed shoots are always a blast for all involved. The kids have a ball from beginning to end, literally living out a dream scenario. It’s a win-win-win – for the parents (no bribery required), the kids (no kicking or screaming), and myself (getting plenty of smiles and laughs from the little ones). The entire shoot has a super fun energy all the way through. Attention to detail even in the props, creating a custom princess magazine cover (Alice posed as Sleeping Beauty) for mom to hold while pictured in the hair dryers. The video is also a great vehicle to show how far we go with all of the care, time, planning, prep, and final execution to deliver the photographs we do for clients. It does produce spectacular images and finished wall displays for our clients and is sure to be 100% unique. This was the family’s reaction as well. Of course the photos look nice, but the everlasting impact will be the sheer uniqueness of a mom and daughter sharing a fun, playful moment captured in the way that it was. Not just a documentation of a moment in time, not just sitting and smiling, but something much more.

matty_20130827_40389 matty_20130827_40436

Featured in the video are some talents artists from Frinj Salon. Charity Dorn on hair, and Dorothy-Inez DelTufo on makeup. Extremely professional and talented individuals that I’m glad to have the opportunity to work with. We also pulled the styling talents of Andy Belmont from London Couture, another great resource of talent to help polish the final looks.

If you are reading this and you’ve always wanted to do something fun, capture something about you or your family in a fantastic way, a way that shows off you, give us a call. Almost every client that walks in our door asks for something “different,” and we couldn’t be happier to grant that wish for them, even a princess tea party in the woods.